Who doesn’t love a crêpe?

When I lived in Bordeaux, my French friends and I would always be out on the town and would invariably end up in one of the many crêperies. It was our routine. We would all have a savoury crêpe to start, washed down with some warm cider and they would have as much Nutella as possible to finish. I however, wouldn’t have a sweet one, I’d have a second savoury (normally some sort of ham, cheese and egg combo)…just to be different.
Fast forward 8 years later and the opportunity came up to bring our own little piece of Bordeaux to Harrogate. We have, to some degree, been involved in the hospitality industry for nearly 20 years in one guise or another. Be it managing bistros, working behind bars or owning a café; it’s in the blood.

Our philosophy is simple;
keep it simple.

We have fun with what we do, we make a lot of mess and we don’t do complicated.
You want Nutella….you can have Nutella. You want 6 blobs of ice cream with strawberries topped with scrambled egg, no problem!
Come in from the cold, grab a hot chocolate/coffee/milkshake, sit down and let your childishness take over for a little bit.

It’s a harsh world out there…
Best come have a crêpe.

Meet Andi;
our main (Crepe)ologist

(yes it’s a real thing)…

Hello everyone

Born and raised in Yorkshire, to second generation Estonians I like to keep things simple and straight forward;

Make it tasty, make it fun, and enjoy yourself.

Crepes are tasty, they are fun to make, and I pretty much enjoy myself all the time.

Anything on top of that is simply a bonus. I’ve done a bit of travelling, a bit of America here, a touch of Spain and a whole lot of France, and it was whilst in France I fell in love with Crepes, or as I like to call them the most childish food you can eat as an adult.

So pop in, sit back and relax, use your imagination and try and come up with a combination that will surprise me…failing all that, I always need new ideas for my next tattoo…

Peace Andi


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